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Privacy notice for Careline

Why do we need your information?

We provide a personal alarm service to individuals who have contacted the Careline personal alarm service. The information you provide helps us to support you and make sure that we meet our legal duties and responsibilities and our contractual obligations.

What information do we collect?

The categories of personal data we are processing are:

  • Your name, address & telephone number(s)
  • The names, addresses & telephone numbers of any person, keyholder, next of kin, or other care provider nominated by you.
  • The name address & telephone number(s) of anyone who is registered as someone who has Power of Attorney (PoA) and can act on your behalf.
  • Some physical and mental health information about you, necessary and relevant to the provision of the service.
  • Some financial information (such as bank account details).

How do we collect your personal data?

We collect your information in a number of ways including:

  • When your alarm equipment is installed you are required to provide your personal information to the installer, which is recorded on a Client Information Form.
  • When you contact us direct.
  • You or your nominated representative may contact us to advise us of changes in your circumstances.
  • Any other third party organisation (such as Social Services, NHS, well-being teams etc.) may refer you to us where you have agreed to that referral.

How do we use your personal data?

We use your personal data to support you as a service user by providing support and emergency assistance to achieve positive health and social outcomes for you.

For the purposes of our public duty or to meet our contractual obligations we may also share information with others, in particular: nominated family members, neighbours and / or keyholders. This third party sharing will typically be with your agreement though in cases of urgency your information may be shared to protect the health and well-being of you and others.

Who do we share data with?

To carry out our role we may share information with:

  • Careline Monitoring Centre (currently Chichester District Council)
  • Other departments within WBC
  • Other contacts indicated by you including contacts nominated by persons who we believe you have authorised to make those decisions
  • Your care agency / agencies
  • Adult Social Care
  • Emergency services, including the police
  • NHS
  • GPs / Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's)

All information held in respect of clients may be provided to police, social services and healthcare professionals either to comply with the local authority public duties or as reasonably required for the protection of the vital interests of clients and other persons.
Where police request information under their criminal investigative role, that request will be processed in accordance with the relevant information exchange protocols.

We will not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes.

How do we store your personal data?

A Careline individual’s personal data is stored on our secure database contained within a secure environment. All Careline staff is subject to DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks. The personal data provided by organisations other than WBC is stored on our secure database. We do not hold paper files of your personal data.

How long will we keep your personal data?

Personal data will not be retained for longer than is necessary to provide the service to you. Personal data provided by organisations other than Waverley Careline will be deleted from our database as soon as the service to you has been terminated.

Lawful basis and withdrawal of consent

The lawful basis upon which we process personal data is:

  • part of the performance of a contract
  • explicit consent - where we process sensitive (special category) information such as medical data
  • vital interests - where, in the event of an emergency, personal daa is processed to protect your vital interests
  • consent - where this is basis, you have the right to withdraw that consent. Your right to withdraw your consent may affect the ability of WBC to provide this service as a public duty and / or by reason of contract.

More information

For further information about how you can access your information, your data rights, how to raise your concerns or contact our Data Protection Officer, please refer to our main privacy notice.