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Local restrictions support grant privacy notice

Why we collect information about you?

In September 2020 and October 2020, the Government established a series of support grants under its local restriction’s framework for businesses within Local Covid Alert Levels Tier 2 and Tier 3.  An addendum was added to this framework on 31 October 2020 to temporarily suspend local restrictions support grants in favour of a restriction support grant to cover the national lockdown periods.  The first being 5 November 2020 to 2 December 2020.

If you apply for a grant under the Government’s Local Restrictions Framework including any addendums to that scheme in connection with national lockdown restrictions, Waverley Borough Council will need to process your personal data in order to:

  • ensure the business is eligible for financial support
  • confirm account validity
  • confirm your identity
  • make payments of the awards
  • send reports to Government departments
  • detect and prevent fraud and error
  • make sure public money is used correctly
  • provide information to the council’s Environmental Health department in supporting businesses to be compliant to the Government’s COVID-19 health protection regulations.
  • to ensure the council’s business rates records are correct.

What is the legal basis for processing?

The legal basis for processing your data is:

  • GDPR Article 6(1)(c) - processing is necessary to comply with the law
  • GDPR Article 6(1)(e) - processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller

What information do we collect about you?

We will collect and process the following personal information. This list is not exhaustive, and we may obtain other information that we require in order to correctly assess your eligibility for a grant under the Local Restrictions Framework, including any addendums to that scheme in connection with national lockdown restrictions.

  • Full name
  • Full residential address
  • Email address
  • Mobile and/or home telephone number
  • Bank account details (including latest bank statement account name, number and sort code; individual bank transactions which may include personal details)
  • Customer Income and expenditure receipts which may include personal details e.g. contact details
  • Rental/lease agreements
  • Mortgage statements
  • Non-domestic rate account number
  • Council Tax reference number
  • HMRC tax reference and latest assessment return
  • Business name, trading premises, nature of business and contact details
  • Evidence of state aid compliance
  • Business loan statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Latest annual accounts/ financial accounting records

Who do we share the information with?

Government departments and other public bodies e.g. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) & Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government. We will share your data with BEIS for research and evaluation purposes and grant applicants may therefore be contacted by BEIS for research purposes.

Other council teams so they can carry out their statutory roles and support our service e.g. business rates, environmental services, legal services, planning and housing teams

We will share data with the National Fraud Initiative in respect of post assurance work.

We may share your data with another agency such as Spotlight in order to verify your bank and trading information.

We may have to share your information with the HMRC in relation to any payments we make because grant income received by a business is taxable, therefore this grant will need to be included as income in the tax return of the business.  Only businesses which make an overall profit once grant income is included will be subject to tax. 

This data will not be shared with any further organisations outside of Tewkesbury Borough Council for any other purpose. The Council is however required by law to protect the public funds it administers and to prevent and detect fraud in all areas of the Council’s work. Where we suspect fraud, we may share information with a government agency and the Council’s Counter Fraud Unit who investigate any suspected fraud.

Is any information transferred to or stored on servers based outside the European Economic Area?

We do not transfer any of your personal information outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

How long do we keep your information?

We will only keep your personal information as long as it is needed for the purposes of the covid-19 emergency, and for audit and payment purposes. Therefore, records relating to these restrictions support grant payments will be kept for 6 years plus the current financial year.

Who do we collect information from?

We will collect the personal information directly from yourselves in relation to your application for a grant under the Local Restrictions Framework including any addendums to that scheme in connection with national lockdown restrictions.

What are the consequences if we do not collect the data?

Without this information the council is unable to make a correct assessment of your eligibility for a grant under the Local Restrictions Framework (including any addendums to that scheme in connection with national lockdown restrictions), and therefore unable to make a payment.

Are any decision about you made by automatic means?

No decision will be made about you solely on the basis of automated decision making (where a decision is taken about you using an electronic system without human involvement) which has a significant impact on you.

Further information

For more information about Waverley Borough Council as a Data Controller. your data rights, how to obtain your data, how to raise concerns, and how to contact our Data Protection Officer, please see our main privacy notice