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Community donations

There are a number of charities or organisations that can take your unwanted furniture, white goods and other household items to be recycled or reused by those in the community that might need them.

The council’s bulky waste collection is undertaken by a charity that also repurposes waste, especially furniture and white goods (not electrical goods). You can donate your unwanted furniture to them by visiting their depot in Bordon. These items will either ​be sold in their shop to fund their projects or given to people who need the basics to create a home. Furniture Donations | Furniture Helpline. They also host the Men's Shed - where socially isolated people can use their fully equipped workshop and also run the local Repair Café where volunteers repair items free of charge (where possible).

Located in Merrow, Furniturelink refurbish and reuse good quality, pre-owned donated furniture and appliances. Visit Home | Furniturelink Surrey | United Kingdom.

There are a number of charities that will accept furniture donations - Sue Ryder's Free Furniture Collection. The British Heart Foundation also offers a free collection of unwanted furniture, homeware and electrical items: Book a free furniture and electrical goods collection near me | BHF - BHF.

There’s also a nationwide Furniture Donation Network Furniture Donation Network - What we take as a donation

Repair cafes exist to bring people with broken household items together with people who volunteer to help them fix the items. Here are a few examples of Repair Cafes in Waverley:

Repair Café Godalming - Godalming Town Council (

Farnham Repair Cafe (

Guildford Repair Café | Repaircafe

A Buy Nothing group is a local Facebook group where people freely gift items they no longer want. You are not allowed to ask for money or trade in Buy Nothing groups. You can find out more information about the Haslemere group by visiting: Buy Nothing Haslemere | Facebook

The Freecycle Network is a website where you can get all kinds of free items in your area or give away items that you don’t need or want anymore.

Freecycle: Farnham Group

Freecycle: Godalming UK Group