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Personal search information

Personal search information is available on our self-service portal Aurora:

Search Land Charge Records online

On the portal you can find

  • Local Land Charges register
  • Planning register (Qs 1.1 a-i)
  • Planning designations and proposals (Q 1.2)
  • Conservation areas (Q 3.11)
  • Radon affected areas (Q 3.14)
  • Parish and Ward information
  • Areas of Waverley subject to Neighbourhood Plan Designations (Q 3.1)

The numbers in brackets refer to the most relevant question on the Con29 standard list of questions.

Building Control records

Building control records (Qs 1.1 j-l, 3.8):

Search building control records online

Personal search information available on request

  • Other outstanding notices (Q 3.7 a-d, f)
  • Register of Enforcement Notices, Stop Notices and Breach of Condition Notices (Q 3.9)
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) information (Q 3.10)
  • Contaminated Land register (Q 3.13)
  • Hazardous Substances Consents register
  • Noise Abatement Zones register

The numbers in brackets refer to the most relevant question on the Con29 standard list of questions.

If you require any of this specific information, please send the questions, a plan and address/description of the land to

You will get your answers within 10 working days.

Land Charges privacy notice

Other personal search information


Drainage matters for all properties in Waverley is as follows:

(Q 3.3) Drainage matters

(a) Is the property served by a sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS)?

At present, there is no requirement for the council to adopt SuDS and as such all SuDS will be in the ownership of the developer/land owner or transferred to the property owner. The council, via the planning process, will work with developers to agree SuDS schemes in accordance with National Non Statutory Standards. Planning Conditions may be imposed on individual planning applications requiring developers to make arrangements for the long term management and maintenance for SuDS.

(b) Are there SuDS features located within the boundary of the property? If yes, is the owner responsible for maintenance?

Any specific SuDS features located on individual properties will be identified on final construction drawings produced by the developer and transferred to legal property Deeds.

(c) If the property benefits from a SuDS for which there is a charge, who bills the property for the surface water draining charge?

Long term management and any financial arrangements for maintenance of SuDS is the responsibility of the developer/landowner who may choose to make arrangements for financial contributions towards SuDS maintenance from property owners.

Assets of Community Value

See Assets of Community Value in Waverley

Contact Surrey County Council 

Please contact the Surrey County Council (SCC) Highways Information team for:

  • Public Rights of Way register
  • Registers of Local Common Land and Town and Village Greens
  • Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management

Tel: 020 8541 8922