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Building Control Records

Building Regulations records online

You can look up building regulations online for free. Search for:

  • Decision notices (not applicable for building notice or regularisation applications)
  • Completion dates 
  • Competent Persons applications.

The records go back to 1991, and show the key information; location of works, description of works, key dates etc.

Documents and plans relating to a record are not made publically available and cannot be viewed here.

Search by address, street or postcode:

Building Control records online

If you need help using our online service, please check the instructions below.

The building control records are split into two separate browser tabs (top left of the screen):

BC browser tab

The BC tab provides all building control records.

Initial Notice applications

Initial Notice applications are carried out by external building control bodies. To obtain information from these applications, you need to contact the body directly.

Competent Persons browser tab

Competent Persons tab provides information from all work carried out through a competent persons scheme.

We do not hold copies of the certification (electronic data only).

How to get a copy of the certification

To obtain copies, contact either the installer or competent persons scheme directly. The Unique ID identifies the scheme used. 

Search function

For both tabs, the search facility is the same. You should:

  • click the top of the column header, ie address, uprn, location etc
  • type your search criteria and press enter, ie first line of address, postcode, house name
  • search multiple ways to ensure a thorough search
  • columns can be made smaller or longer - drag the side edge of the box.

We can carry out an in-depth search of all building records relating to a particular property.

We check our records against:

  • planning permissions
  • property name changes
  • the history of a property

We aim to process requests within five working days.


There is a non-refundable fee of £51.50 for this service.  You can pay online (select Building Control, then 949 in the drop down menu) or by calling the team on 01483 523323.

How to request a search

Please email and include the address and a map highlighting the property in question.  

If you need a copy of a completion certificate or decision notice, please email with the application reference number.

You need to pay £36.10 for each copy of a completion certificate or decision notice.  You can pay online (select Building Control, then 949 in the drop down menu) or by calling the team on 01483 523323.

We can send the copy within five working days of confirmed payment.

We update application details regularly, at least once a week.

  • For practical and legal reasons, we can't display certain documents eg plans, calculations, application forms, correspondence.
  • We don't take responsibility for any errors or omissions in the building regulation history you find online.  The online search is not a substitute for carrying out a formal Local land charges search or using our Building Control search service.
  • The information you find online does not constitute a formal notification of a building regulation decision. Any actions or decisions you take after accessing the building regulations records online are undertaken at your own risk.


Plans are protected under Copyright Law and cannot be reproduced without the expressed consent of the original copyright owner (the producer of the drawings, not the person for whom it was produced). This type of copyright is valid for 70 years after the death of the producer of the drawings.