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Building Control

New legislation from 1 October 2023

New legislation was introduced on 1 October 2023, bringing about a range of changes to the Building Control Sector.

The legislation introduced new definitions and responsibilities for dutyholders of new Building Regulations applications, whatever their size and complexity.

This is in addition to the responsibilities of the Building Safety Regulator to regulate works in respect of Higher Risk Buildings and for the registration of all building control bodies and their inspectors.

For more information on what this means to homeowners and professionals, please read our initial guidance:

Changes to the Building Regulations

We provide:

We will guide you through the current legal requirements to ensure your building is safe, accessible and energy efficient.

Before you start work, you must Apply and Pay for a building control application. You can Book next day inspections (if requested by 4pm the day before).

Guidance, useful information and FAQs about Building Control