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Postcodes, UPRN and Address or Street Information

Being able to accurately identify and locate an address in Waverley is a key priority for the address development team.  There are a number of tools available to the general public for them to check an address.  These are listed below. 

The Royal Mail is responsible for the allocation of post codes. However, it will not issue post codes without having received notification from us that addresses have been allocated to the properties concerned.

Credit agencies, service and goods suppliers and most other agencies now reference their customers to post codes and house numbers. New occupiers will have difficulties in obtaining services without a post code.

Please note that the Royal Mail's database does not always hold the official or correct address of a property.  If unsure, please use the FindmyAddress tool or speak to Waverley's address development team.  Our contact details are on our Contact Us page.

Royal Mail Postcode contact

Postcode Enquiry Line: 0906 302 1222

The Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) is the unique identifier for every addressable location in Great Britain. UPRNs provide every property (or object) with a consistent identifier throughout its lifecycle, from planning through to demolition. 

Many groups use the UPRN. They include local and central government bodies, the emergency services, insurance providers, and utility companies.  

For more information about UPRN, how it links datasets together and improves efficiencies, visit the Geoplace website

Use FindMyAddress to search for the official address, UPRN and location of every property in England, Scotland and Wales.

The FindMyAddress website is free to use (up to 30 searches a day), and is for personal, non-commercial use only.

Address finder & UPRN lookup online - FindMyAddress

To find out the maintenance responsibility of your street, or a list of streets in Waverley please use