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Applying for a new address

You must apply for a new address if you're an individual or developer:

  • constructing new homes, commercial or industrial properties
  • undertaking conversions to existing buildings that will result in the creation of new premises/new addresses

You will also need to apply for addresses once you have received planning permission, ideally during the early stages of your development and definitely before it is substantially complete.

If you wish to change the name of an existing property, or add or remove a name please see our change an existing address page

Step 1: Complete an application 

If planning permission has been granted and you are about to start building, you should complete our online application form.

Apply for a new address online

Please submit your application electronically - applications received in paper format will be not be processed as quickly. Contact us directly if you need a paper application form sent to you.

Step 2: Submit drawings

We will need the following drawings (approved planning plans only):

  1. Site layout plan (1/500 scale). This plan should clearly indicate the plot numbers of each separate dwelling or unit and show the main point for deliveries. Please advise house types.
  2. Site location plan. This plan should, where possible, show the location of the development site in relation to at least two other named streets and show vehicular access from the existing roads.


  • For flats/maisonettes or multiple commercial units; floor plans. Show clear plot number for each plot, with the entrance to each plot marked.
  • For new roads only - location plan showing road layouts as accessed from the highway, clearly show the extent of each new road with first choice road name marked. (Colour coding may make this easier for sites with several new roads).

Paper applications can be posted (include copies of all drawings) to: Address Development Team, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HR - call the team for an application form form.

Our addressing team will review your application and information and will advise you of our fee.

Step 3: Waverley allocates an address

When allocating property numbers and postal addresses, we will take into account Government guidance, good addressing practice and will apply our street naming and property numbering policy.

Street naming and property numbering policy

As we consult with other bodies and check the information (sometimes clarifying the information sent to us) we advise this process can take up to 4 weeks. We will also send you a draft address schedule for your review.

We will however aim to complete the process as soon as reasonably possible.

To avoid delays, please ensure you send us all the correct information in a timely manner and remember to inform us of when the development is nearing completion.

Step 4: Notifying you of the new address details

When the addressing scheme is approved, we will return the used site layout plan and a letter confirming the address and (if applicable for multiple properties) an address schedule to the developer.

Copies of the address schedule and confirmation of the new addresses will be forwarded to the Royal Mail, Surrey County Council, Ordnance Survey, all Waverley Council services and Surrey Fire and Rescue Service.

Step 5: Sale of property

It is the developer's responsibility to inform any purchaser of the allocated address of the property concerned. The developer should issue the purchaser with a copy of the Address Schedule (issued for multiple plots) or Address confirmation letter (issued for fewer plots).

If the address is held on the Royal Mail’s database as ‘Not yet built’, and the properties are about to become occupied, the developer must inform us so that we can activate the address and make the address visible.

Our addressing team aim to have consistent and appropriate addressing within the borough.

Our addresses need to conform to:

In general, the following applies:

  • all plans submitted should have plots labelled 'plot'. If incorrectly labelled 'flat' or 'house', this will cause confusion as the property number allocated to the address might not match the plot numbering system.
  • Waverley allocate numbers to new properties on all new roads. Odds on the left, evens on the right (unless the road is clearly closed, then consecutive numbering for a 'Close' will be issued).
  • Property names can be issued to flat buildings - no distinction is given to social housing versus private.
  • A house name can be allocated in addition to a house name, however, we find that purchasers may change this again in the future.
  • Waverley do not omit certain numbers i.e. 13 or will allocate letter designations for any infill properties (i.e. 2A, 2,B etc)
  • Street naming: consulting with the local residents via ward and parish councils is encouraged, however must still meet with our policy.
  • The addressing team will work with the developer to ensure an appropriate addressing schedule is delivered in a timely manner.

Apply for a new address

Please ensure you have read the process and guidance notes before submitting your application. A fee is payable, these are outlined in our addressing fees and how to pay page.  We will confirm the exact fee once we have reviewed your application.

Apply for a new address online