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Changing an existing address

Apply to add, remove or change a property name

You can ask us to add, change or remove a property name, subject to our agreement.

There is a non refundable £109.40 fee for this service.

You need to submit an online application form and pay the correct fee.

Once submitted and fee paid, we will check your new house name proposal against other properties around you. We check for:

  • No duplication of another property in a 1.5 m radius and/or within same postcode locality (up to the 4th postcode digit or 5th for GU10 postcodes). 
  • No similar named properties i.e. Church Hill would be considered too similar to Birch Hill - the sounding of the word is taken into consideration.
  • No duplication of a road name.
  • No offensive, misleading names or names which are difficult to pronounce and spell.

To change a property name can take up to four weeks to complete. 

We make our own checks and consult with the Royal Mail. Once accepted through us, the Royal Mail will then put your amended address details onto their database.  It can take up to six months for other companies' databases to be updated.

You may have a name in addition to an existing number (unless you are a flat/part of a collective house name). However, the owner of the property is obliged to use the allocated number in their postal address and to display the number in a prominent position on the property so it is clearly visible from the road. 

Please do not make any changes to the address of your property until you have the address confirmed in writing by Waverley Borough Council.

If the start date of the name change is altered or cancelled, please inform us immediately.

We know that house naming is a very personal thing and you may have you heart set on a certain word or theme.   Below are a few things to consider when suggesting your house name proposals:

  • Words shouldn't duplicate someone else's near by - we don't want to cause them any issues with their post and/or cause any delay for the services in case of an emergency.
  • Unusual or different is great! Just remember though everyone else needs to be able to pronounce or spell it too!
  • Please note that we do not accept house names to start with the word 'The'.
  • If your house is part of a group of properties identified by a collective house name i.e. 2 The Cottages, The Street and this is part of 1-5 The Cottages, The Street etc we will be unable to add a house name or amend this house name. You are considered to already have a house name (a collective one).   We can only amend this, if all property owners agree to a change of name.
  • The fee covers the costs of checking any house name suggestions you put forward, therefore we are unable to issue a refund if we are unable to accept your choices.
  • Royal Mail and Findmyaddress are useful for checking out other properties near by, however we undertake a thorough check to ensure no duplication or similarity.


(Select 'rename an existing property' from the request type drop down list)

Apply to add or change an address

Other changes to your address

If you believe your address is incorrect or needs changing following a change to permitted access, please submit a query online.