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Naming new streets

A developer of a newly-built highway is obliged to apply for a new address to seek street naming approval (usually in conjunction to requesting new addresses). 

Proposed names

A developer of a new street may suggest a name for consideration. New street names should not duplicate any same or similar street  names already in use in Waverley, duplicate/similar to a nearby house name or be difficult to pronounce or spell.

We encourage developers to use propose street names related to the local area. We suggest researching via local historians, museums or by contacting the local ward/parish councils. Waverley hold some of the tithe maps of the area and these can sometimes be useful in suggesting a name.

We will carry out a consultation exercise with the relevant local town or parish council, the Royal Mail,  and the Highway Authority. We may also receive comments from any interested local residents.

Any comments received, together with any suggested alternative names, will be taken into consideration during the decision process.

Keeping the developer informed

We will liaise with the developer concerned, keeping them informed throughout the consultation process.

A developer's right of appeal

A developer has a right of appeal against the Council's decision to the Magistrates' Court.

Street naming and property numbering policy

The Street naming and property numbering policy describes the process for naming streets and gives guidance on the choice of suitable names.  The addressing team will advise you throughout the process.

Street / Highway adoption

Adoption of a highway is a matter for the Highway Authority which, in the Borough of Waverley, is Surrey County Council.

See Road adoption on Surrey County Council website for more information

We don't have a highway agency agreement with Surrey County Council.