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Addressing fees and how to pay

Numbering new or converted properties



First plot of any new development


Additional plots 2 to 20


Additional plots 21 and above


To name a building or block in addition to adding a number, there is an additional £56.70 per property.

Penalty for retrospective engagement with SNN (where the project is substantially complete) - £154.50 (in addition to any other charges).

Copies of plot to postals (or address schedules) already issued - £36.10

Naming a new road (or renaming an existing)


Adding or changing a property name


Removing a property name*


*Can only be agreed to if there is an existing property number.

Confirmation of Address 


Site Visits 


Historical Research


Re-Issuing an Address Schedule

(amendments required to a previously agreed address)

£51.50 plus £25.80 per plot/address change.

How to pay

Pay online

On the payments page, please select Building Control, followed by Street naming / numbering:

Pay online

Pay by phone

Please call the business support team on 01483 523323.