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Report a repair

If you are a tenant you need to report problems to us as part of your tenancy agreement. The Right to repair scheme has information on:

  • what repairs we carry out 
  • how long it should take 
  • what you can do if work is not carried out on time.

Waverley leaseholders can also use this service for repairs as described in their lease. 

Non-emergency repairs

Tell us about a general repair to your home. We will contact you within one working day to arrange an appointment. 

Report a repair (non-emergency) online

Emergency repairs

An emergency repair needs to be fixed quickly because it is a danger to health or safety.

Report an emergency repair


Our home advice and improvements page have information on some problems in your home

Home advice and improvements

Our tackling damp, mould and condensation page has information on what you should try at home before reporting to us. 

Tackling damp, mould and condensation

You need to give us access to your home to carry out repairs. This is a legal requirement in your tenancy agreement,

We, or our contractors, can access your home to see what repair work is needed and to carry out those repairs. Unless it's an emergency, you will be given at least 24 hours' written notice. 

If there's an emergency and we can't get hold of you, we can gain entry if we need to get into your home. For example, if a burst pipe in your flat is causing water to leak into the flat below.  In an emergency we are responsible for repairing any damage caused to enter your home. 

We may charge you for repairs

We will tell you if the repair will be recharged when you report it. We will invoice you for payment. You can arrange to pay the invoice by instalments. 

If we need to carry out a repair which is your responsibility, you will be charged for the cost of the work. This also applies if we have to clear rubbish you have left. 

Your tenancy agreement states that you must keep your home clean, tidy and in a good state of repair. You will need to pay us for the cost of repairing any damage you cause to the property and fittings. 

If you leave your home - which includes your loft, garden and garage - in a state of disrepair, or if you leave behind any belongings or rubbish, we will carry out the work required and charge you for it.