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Information and Data Management Programme


In summer 2022 the council began the development of an Information and Data Management Programme (IDMP) in order to get the best value from our data, information and systems, necessary to progress on our digital transformation journey and to offer modern services to our residents, local businesses and partners. The Information Manager is the corporate lead for this initiative, responsible for collaborative work across the organisation, in order to deliver programme workstreams identified at the beginning of each financial year whilst considering our mission’s key  focus areas. 


Our data and information is recognised as a corporate asset, and as such, actively managed to support our digital first aspiration and successful delivery of our services


We have identified five key focus areas:


  • Access to information and data they require 
  • Customer information is managed, processed in accordance to agreed purpose and shared securely 
  • Easy access to services at time of their choosing


  • Data Roles are clearly defined
  • Staff upskilled at all levels
  • Staff feel confident when dealing with data 


  • Data sources and storage understood
  • Data processes documented
  • Data Lifecycles Managed
  • Timely and accurate Analytics and Reporting used for data-driven and evidence based decision making and insight
  • Data Sharing protocols created and appropriate agreements put in place 


  • Non-invasive but robust framework put in place 
  • Improvement Programme created with clear workstreams and accountable delivery plan
  • Clear guidance available, specific to data roles  


  • Data vision clearly understood by staff
  • Data seen as a critical asset 
  • Staff empowered to adopt new practices
  • Staff are comfortable escalationg data related concerns