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Manage your Council Tax online

You can use the Waverley Portal secure service to view your Council Tax information online and manage your payments.

What's on the Waverley Portal?

Once you have registered and logged in to the Waverley Portal, you can:

  • set up a Direct Debit and change payment method or bank details
  • view account balances, see what you've paid and when 
  • apply for a Single Person Discount if you are living on your own
  • download copies of your bills
  • upload documents
  • Tell us you are moving in, out or within the borough 
  • Apply for a refund

Register for an account

Only the person(s) named on the Council Tax bill can register to use the portal.  To register, you will need the following information:

  • your Council Tax reference number - found on your latest bill
  • your full name 
  • if you have applied for Council Tax Support or have been named on a council tax support application, you will also need to provide your national insurance number. This provides an additional level of security.

Sign in or register for a Waverley Portal account

A refund can be considered where there is an overall credit on a Council Tax account.

Credits will be transferred to previous years' debts where there is a balance outstanding before issuing a refund.

When moving to another property within the borough, any credit on the account will initially be transferred to the new liability. A refund for the credit is permitted if requested by the taxpayer.

Evidence required for payment

Refunds of Council Tax are usually paid directly into the bank account of the person(s) whose name is on the Council Tax bill. Evidence of the bank account number and sort code will be required before the refund is processed. 

If the refund is to be paid to anyone other than the person named on the Council Tax account, we will require supporting evidence to confirm the correct recipient and account for payment.

Where there is a joint liability, we require the agreement and signatures for both parties for payment of the refund to a sole or alternative bank account.

Write backs

Credits remaining on the account with insufficient information to refund will be written back to the account as part of the annual billing process.

Processing Time

We aim to process refunds within 28 days to allow for authorisation.

Delegation of Authority for approval

All refunds over £2,500 must be approved by a Revenues or Benefits Team Leader.

Refunds over £10,000 must be approved by the Revenues and Benefits Manager.

Refunds over £50,000 must be approved by the Executive Head of Service.