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Carbon Monoxide (CO) and smoke alarm programme

To provide an extra level of safety, in addition to smoke alarms and gas safety checks we are;

  • fitting carbon monoxide detectors to all homes with a gas boiler
  • fitting all homes with more smoke alarms if required (see below).

Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm programmeNRT group logo

nrt group are starting an installation programme in October 2022, which runs through to next summer. We want to complete this work as quickly as possible so would appreciate your cooperation. 

The work will take less than 30 minutes as the operative installs the carbon monoxide monitor near your boiler. They will bring dust sheets and step ladders, and clean up after the work is completed. Please arrange an appointment when they contact you and ensure there is clear access to your boiler.

Please help us to help you keep safe by making a convenient appointment to fit the alarm.

What to do if your alarm activates

Yes , from 1 October 2022 it is mandatory your property has an alarm fitted.

Yes, we have a responsibility to fit and maintain new alarms that meet new criteria set by government legislation. 

We are fitting alarms across all our properties over 12 months from October 2022. You will be contacted when we are fitting alarms in your area. 

The alarm will be fitted in the same room as your gas boiler.

The alarms are passive and operate 24/7 365 days a year and have a 10-year battery life. They will be checked for operation at the start of any new tenancy and annually as part of your annual gas safety check to ensure it is working.

If you do not have a gas boiler we will not be fitting a CO alarm in your property. If you have any other gas appliance in your home such as a gas cooker then you are responsible to fit and maintain an alarm using a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

Gas cooker and hob appliance guide (Gas Safe Register)

More information

Further enquiries please email the Carbon Monoxide (CO) programmes dedicated email address: 

Smoke alarm programme

We are also ensuring a smoke alarm is fitted on each floor of our properties and fitting heat detectors in all kitchens. 

A programme of planned installations will be completed over the next 12 months.

  • If you do not have enough smoke alarms we can fit more free of charge. Contact us at
  • If your smoke alarm is expired, due to expire or does not have an expiry date we will replace it free of charge. Tell us using the report a repair form.

Report a repair

More information

For further enquiries, please email the smoke alarm programme's dedicated email address: