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How you can help improve air quality

Local air pollution has local causes. Here are some simple things you can do to help improve air quality in Waverley.  Please see our Clean Air Strategy for more information.

On the go

  • consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle
  • car share
  • maintain your vehicle
  • switch off your engine when sat in traffic
  • walk and cycle where possible
  • use public transport.

Get more ideas, details of local initiatives and advice on going electric from Surrey County Council's transport pages.

At home

Reduce your exposure

  • Choose quieter routes when walking or cycling
  • Open your windows for ventilation when you cook, clean, do DIY or do other activities that release pollutants directly into your home
  • Vulnerable people should check the latest UK Air pollution forecast
  • Ventilate bathrooms to avoid steam or moisture build-up and mould growth
  • Dust surfaces regularly to limit build-up of allergens
  • Avoid burning incense or candles
  • Use low-chemical cleaning products and paint (‘low-VOC’ content)