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Air pollution alerts

Air pollution updates and further advice

Did you know sufferers of COPD, asthma and other conditions are at higher risk of adverse health effects from air pollution episodes?

Air pollution, including nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particulate matter, can have a serious effect on your health.   The health risk from air pollution varies widely depending on age, where you live, any underlying health issues and other factors.

Individuals most at risk of health problems related to air pollution include:

  • People with lung diseases, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • People with heart conditions or cardiovascular diseases
  • Infants and young children
  • People who spend a lot of time or exercise near busy roadways

There are many options to receive information about current air pollution levels, including alerts when levels are predicted to be high.

Waverley Borough Council is encouraging all residents who may be at risk to sign up to one or more of the following free services available online:



Sign up for email pollution forecasts and alerts from Defra



Subscribe to:

  • The monthly latest news, website updates and reports published in the last month.
  • Summary of the last 24-hour's or last hour's air quality measurement data.
  • Daily updated forecasts of UK air pollution concentrations up to 24-hours ahead.
  • Alerts if an Air Quality Alert Threshold is exceeded


There is also health advice and practical steps you can take if pollution levels are high.


When signing up, select ‘South East’ for the UK Zone and ‘Portsmouth Urban Area’ for Agglomeration.


Download the Ubreathe app


This app, developed by Ricardo AEA Ltd, allows you to receive the latest Air Pollution levels on your phone.  The app also provides approved health advice, tailored to the latest pollution levels in your region.


Follow Defra Air Quality on Twitter @DefraUKAir


For the latest national information on pollution, forecasts and health advice.

London Air Quality Network


Sign up for Air Pollution Forecast emails for London

If you have any questions, please contact Environmental Health on or call 01483 523393.