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Air quality reports

We produce Annual Status Reports on air quality within Waverley. These provide an overview of air quality, consider the latest air quality monitoring data and update progress on actions to improve air quality.

We compile these reports in accordance with the Local Air Quality Monitoring (LAQM) Policy and Technical Guidance and submit them to Defra. You can download recent reports below.

2023 report (based on 2022 data)

2023 Air Quality Status Report (reviews 2022 data)

Previous reports

2022 Air Quality Status Report (reviews 2021 data)

2021 Air Quality Status Report (issue 2) (reviews 2020 data)

2020 Air Quality Status Report (reviews 2019 data)

2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report (reviews 2018 data) 

2016 and 2017 Air Quality monitoring

2016 Air Quality Annual Status Report (revised version - reviews 2015 data)

2015 Air quality - updating and screening assessment (reviews 2014 data)

2014 Air quality progress report (reviews 2013 data)

Air quality action plan

2008 Waverley's Air Quality Action Plan

2023 Waverley’s Air Quality Action Plan and Clean Air Strategy

Government Reports

Air quality plan for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in UK (2017)

Read the government's revised air quality plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide: Air quality plan for nitrogen dioxide in UK (2017)

Chief Medical Officer's Air Pollution Report 2022

Read the latest report that sets out the challenge of reducing air pollution and the progress made so far: 

Chief Medical Officer’s annual report 2022: air pollution - GOV.UK (

Low Emissions Strategy

The government has confirmed its ambition to see at least half of all new cars to be ultra low emission by 2030: 

Clean Air Strategy (2019)

Read the government's plans for dealing with all sources of air pollution: Clean Air Strategy (2019)