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Air Quality Action Plan and Clean Air Strategy

Waverley Borough Council has developed these two documents to tackle air quality in the borough over the next five years(2023 to 2028). Air pollution has been linked with several long-term health conditions, including cancer, asthma, heart disease, obesity and changes linked to dementia. It can also affect the most vulnerable in society: children and older people.

Air Quality Action Plan

To reduce nitrogen dioxide in the Farnham and Godalming Air Quality Management Areas

An Air Quality Action Plan is a statutory requirement under the Local Air Quality Management process to reduce air pollution within Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs). There are 2 AQMAs in Waverley; one in Farnham Town Centre and one along Ockford Road in Godalming, both due to traffic emissions causing elevated levels of nitrogen dioxide. The action plan is for these specific areas to ensure air quality meets and stays below the annual objective for nitrogen dioxide.

We are working closely with Surrey County Council and others, and plan to:

  • Support the Town Centre changes within the Farnham Infrastructure Programme
  • Implement the outcomes of the ‘quick wins’ project within the Farnham Infrastructure Programme
  • Support and implement the Farnham Town Centre Local Cycling and Walking Improvement Plan (LCWIP)
  • Encourage Electric Vehicles in Farnham and Godalming through EV infrastructure improvements, including the uptake of EV taxis and buses
  • Provide a consistent process for air quality assessments for developments likely to impact on air quality, including committed development within and outside Waverley
  • Work with others to implement the Waverley Clean Air Strategy

Please note we cannot change the format of the Action Plan as it follows Defra’s prescribed report template.

Clean Air Strategy for Waverley

To reduce nitrogen dioxide and fine particulates across the borough

The council has developed a Clean Air Strategy for Waverley to encourage actions to improve air quality more widely across the borough to reduce levels of fine particulates and nitrogen dioxide. Actions are consistent with the council’s objectives to improve the health and wellbeing of people living and working in Waverley and tackling climate change.

Everyone should have an interest and take responsibility for improving the quality of the air we breathe. In addition to our own commitments as a council, the strategy encourages collaboration and outlines actions which all of us can take. By acting together to reduce emissions of nitrogen dioxide and fine particulates we can improve air quality across the borough.

By developing a clean air strategy, the council seeks to:

  • demonstrate leadership in improving air quality
  • work collaboratively with partners to improve air quality within the borough
  • support and enable behaviour change to improve air quality directly.

Priority actions identified in the Strategy are detailed on a template which could be used by organisations, or individuals, to adopt specific actions of their own.  Not all priority actions will be relevant for all organisations.  Examples of actions which could be taken are included within WBC’s commitments in Section 6 of the Clean Air Strategy.