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Planning committee meetings

Most applications are decided by officers.

When an application is referred to a Planning Committee, there may be an opportunity for the applicant, an objector and the Parish Council to speak at the meeting before the Committee determines the application.

Process to consider an application

Each application is considered in turn with the following procedure:

  • The chairman reads out which item is to be discussed next
  • One of the planning officers may give an introduction or some factual updates about the application
  • The speeches of the registered speakers will be heard in turn
  • The relevant ward member(s) will be asked for their comments if they are present
  • Members of the committee will debate the application and make proposals (motions) on how the application should be dealt with. Each motion must be proposed and seconded before a vote can be taken
  • Motions are voted on in the order of which one was proposed and seconded first
  • If a motion is carried ie the majority of the councillors voting support the motion, then the committee will move on to the next item on the agenda

Planning Committee information

See a calendar of meetings and access agendas and minutes of council meetings:

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