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Submit a demolition notice

If you plan to demolish a building, you usually need to notify:

  • your local authority
  • gas and electricity suppliers
  • occupiers of adjacent buildings

at least six weeks beforehand.

Check if you need planning permission or prior approval

You may also need to get planning permission or prior approval. Please contact planning enquiries on 01483 523583 or


You need to pay £250 when you submit this notice online. 

We are entitled to charge for the reasonable expenses of reviewing a Section 80 notice and preparing a notice under Section 81 of the Building Act 1984 and supervision of work on any site.

Submit a Demolition Notice - Section 80

You can submit Demolition Notice online. You will need to submit a plan to a scale of not less than 1:1250 showing the size and position of the building to be demolished and its relationship to adjoining properties so please have this ready before filling in the form.

Submit a Demolition Notice (Section 80) online

Please ensure you are aware of your responsibilities and the law before you start your demolition.

You should not begin a demolition unless the Local Authority has given notice under Section 81 or the relevant period (six weeks) has expired.

It is your duty to send or give a copy of the notice to the occupier of any building adjacent to the building, to the gas supplier and to the electricity supplier.

If you contravene Section 80, you will be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.

These notes are for general guidance only; particulars regarding the demolition of buildings are contained in Section 80, 81 and 82 of the Building Act 1984.

All applicants should also be aware of the Party Wall Act 1996.

You do not need to notify us if you are planning to demolish:

  • an internal part of a building, where the building is occupied and it is intended that it should continue to be occupied
  • a building smaller than 50m3 (external volume)
  • a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage, where they form part of a larger building
  • an agricultural building, unless it is in contact with another non-agricultural building.

For full details see Section 80, paragraph 1 of the Building Act 1984.