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Second Homes and Annexes

Second Homes

If a property is no one's sole or main residence, the owner will still be liable to pay 100% of the Council Tax due. This applies whether the property is furnished or not.


Annexes occupied by a relative of the person living in the main house or being used by the occupier of the main house as part of the main home, will be able to apply for a 50% discount on the Council Tax payable on the annexe.

To receive the discount:

  • The annexe must be occupied by a relative of the person who lives in the main house.  A  'relative' means a parent, child, step child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, grandparent and grandchild.  It also extends as far as great, great relations
  • The resident of the main house uses the annexe as part of their main home
  • The annexe must be within the grounds of the main house but does not have to be attached to the main house.  The annexe must be included in the title deeds of the main house.

Email us to claim a 50% discount for an annexe: