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Order bins

You can order new rubbish, recycling bins and food waste caddies online.

You will need to pay for a new bin, unless you are replacing your undamaged standard (240 litre) rubbish bin with a small (140 litre) or medium (180 litre) rubbish bin.

How much do new bins cost?

Recycling wheelie bins

  • Small recycling bin (140 litre) - £20
  • Medium recycling bin (180 litre) - £20
  • Standard recycling bin (240 litre) - £30
  • Large recycling bin (360 litre) - £40

Food caddies

We are experiencing delays with the green caddies due to a global polymer shortage. Our next order is due to arrive in January 2022.

  • Green food caddy (the larger one you keep outside) - £7
  • Silver food caddy (small one you keep inside) - £7

Rubbish wheelie bins

We only collect one rubbish bin per household.

  • Small rubbish bin (140 litre) - £30 (or free if replacing an undamaged standard rubbish bin)
  • Medium rubbish bin (180 litre) - £40 (or free if replacing and undamaged standard rubbish bin)
  • Large rubbish bin (360 litre) - £60 (only for households of six or more people)

Order new bins

Order new bins and pay online

Rubbish bins for large families

You can apply for a larger black 360 litre rubbish bin if you have six or more people in your household and you are already recycling everything you can. If we authorise your request, we will replace your existing refuse bin with a 360 litre bin for a £60 fee.

Apply for a larger black bin

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Frequently Asked Questions about our bin policy