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Bin Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

We have a new policy and charging system for rubbish, recycling and food waste bins.  It's part of our commitment to reduce waste and encourage recycling, reusing and composting.

From 1 April 2021, we will start phasing in medium sized wheelie rubbish bins - 180 litre bins instead of 240 litre ones.

New properties and residents requesting a new rubbish bin, will receive a 180 litre rubbish bin. 

Why are you changing our bin size?

We are only changing bin sizes for new properties and for replacement bins. Moving to smaller, 180 litre bins is part of the council’s commitment to reducing rubbish that goes to landfill and encouraging recycling in the borough, as part of our aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Smaller bins play an important part in reducing the amount that people put in their rubbish bin.

Analysis of waste showed that the average weight of this rubbish is just 14kg per household per fortnight in Waverley, so the new bin size should be more than adequate for the majority of households.

What if the bin is not large enough for us?

Properties with six or more residents may get permission to use a larger, 360 litre bin for their rubbish, and any existing bins will be taken away for re-use. 

We will check the number of people in your household every year to ensure there are still six or more people living there.

But what if we are not a 6+ household and still can’t fit in all our rubbish? Can I order an additional 180 litre bin?

If there are less than six people in your household, you should be able to fit all your rubbish in the new 180 litre bin. There may be some exceptions. For example, people with certain medical conditions. Please contact us and we will do our best to help - see contact below.

Remember to recycle all you can and use the food waste caddy to dispose of your food waste.  Check what you can and can’t recycle on the What can I recycle? page.

When will we get the new rubbish bins?

All rubbish bin orders from 1 April 2021 will receive the new sized bin.

Will I have to pay extra for the new rubbish bin?

Householders will need to pay for all replacement bins when replacing a damaged or stolen bin, unless the damage is proven to be the fault of our waste collection contractor).

If a resident wishes to voluntarily change their undamaged bin to a smaller size, there will be no charge and we will remove the existing bin.

What are the charges for a replacement rubbish bin?

The cost is £40 for a 180 litre bin. You can order a smaller, 140 litre bin for £30, if you want a smaller bin.

Will there be any changes to the food waste or garden waste bins?

There are no changes to the actual bins and food caddies, but you will need to pay:

  • £7 for a replacement food caddy
  • £40 for a replacement garden waste bin

If you can prove the waste contractor damaged your caddy or bin, we will replace it for free.

Check what can and cannot be recycled

What can I recycle?

Other questions

If you have any problems or queries about the new bins which aren’t covered above, please contact our team at