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How to claim Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit helps you with your rent payments if you are eligible and on a low income or not working. The amount you can get will depend on your household's income and circumstances.

You can apply online at the bottom of this page but please read the guidance first to ensure you are eligible.

Who can claim Housing Benefit

You can claim Housing Benefit to help with your housing costs if you:


  • Live in
    • supported accommodation (this is where you receive care or support that is linked to your accommodation)
    • temporary accommodation
    • Waverley Sheltered Scheme accommodation.

What if these don't apply to me?

If your situation is different, you will need to apply for Universal Credit for help with your housing costs.

How much could I get?

To find out what benefits you could claim, and how much you might get, visit

If you have more than £16,000 in capital you will not qualify for benefit unless you are over 60 and you receive Guarantee Pension Credit. The property you live in does not count as capital.

How to claim Housing Benefit

You will need to fill in an application form and email us documents to support your claim.

To request the relevant form, please email

Supporting documents you will need

You will need to send us proof of your:

  • identity ie passport,birth certificate,marriage certificate
  • National Insurance Number
  • earnings or if in receipt of benefits your allowance or pensions
  • capital and savings
  • private rent ie tenancy agreement
  • Universal Credit 

We work out your Housing Benefit from the Monday after we receive your application and supporting documents. We cannot pay your claim until we have all the evidence.

Where to send your supporting documents

Please email your supporting documents to: