Guide to rubbish and recycling collections

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Rubbish and recycling we collect from your home

Your black rubbish bin and your blue recycling bin are emptied on alternate weeks.

Your food waste is collected every week.

Please put your bins out by 7am on your collection day

Garden waste

We collect garden waste as a paid for subscription service.

However please note the following:

We don't collect

  • electrical waste. You can recycle small electrical items at these sites in Waverley.
  • building and DIY waste. This needs to be taken to a community recycling centre.
  • garden waste, including windfall and wet leaves. This may be collected by subscribing to our garden waste collection service.
  • oil, paints or solvent
  • hazardous waste.

Do's and Don'ts  


  • put out your bins by 7am on the collection day
  • place bins/boxes to be emptied at the edge of your property
  • return emptied bins/boxes to your property at the earliest opportunity
  • mark your bins with your house name or number
  • bundle up extra recycling next to your blue bin.


  • overfill your bin; the lid should be closed for collection
  • tip the loose contents of your vacuum cleaner into your bin; please place them in a separate bag first
  • put loose used animal bedding such as straw or sawdust into your bin: please secure it in a bag first
  • leave extra rubbish that will not fit into your black wheelie bin out for collection  
  • put recycling in plastic bags
  • put out more than one black wheelie bin for collection unless you have agreed this with the Environmental Services Team
  • make your bins too heavy
  • take your bins with you when you move house.

Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990), councils have the power to determine the type of containers to be used to collect household waste, how containers are presented for collection and what items can be placed in them. 


What happens if I miss my collection day?

We cannot return to your property if you forget to put your bin and caddy out for collection by 7am on your correct collection day.

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