There are five skateparks in Waverley which are free for those on skateboards, scooters, roller skates and blades and BMX. All users are requested to respect other riders and ensure they do not dominate any one section of the skatepark.

Farnham Skatepark at Farnham Leisure Centre

Skate park

'Nam' Skatepark in Farnham is located to the front of Farnham Leisure Centre off Dogflud Way. 

 Features include:

  • raised plaza section
  • stair and rail set
  • quarter pipe to flat bank section with jumpbox
  • innovative curved blocks and ledges
  • blue 'road gap' with flat rail
  • first use of bespoke powered coloured concrete in a UK skatepark (in traditional Farnham red)

Haslemere Skatepark

Graffiti at Haslemere skatepark

The Skatepark in Haslemere was refurbished in 2014/15 and is a spray concrete park with a combination of street and transition based obstacles.

It includes:

  • quarters pipes at either end
  • wall ride into a banked quarter pipe
  • curved ledge over the hip
  • kicker-to-kicker gap with a rail 
  • a steel flat bank to quarter pipe section with a 6 foot Jumpbox.

The skatepark is located by the Haslemere Leisure Centre, off Kings Road. Haslemere Skatepark also has its own Facebook page, which has updates and plans for the potential changes to the Skatepark.

Skatepark at Aaron's Hill (The Pit), Godalming

A mixture of steel and 'Skate-lite' surfaced equipment including:

  • spine
  • half-pipe
  • quarter pipes
  • flat bank
  • grind bench
  • jumpbox
  • driveway.

Skatepark at Cranleigh Leisure Centre

A small, all-steel skatepark behind the leisure centre

More information about Cranleigh leisure centre.

Skatepark at the Burys Field, Godalming

A concrete park, primarily designed for skaters, and consisting of a variety of 'street course' obstacles.

This skatepark is next to the Crown Court Car Park off The Burys in Godalming.

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