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Report a planning breach

Please answer the two questions in the headings below before you report a breach of planning control. Click on each heading for more information.

Before reporting a potentially unauthorised development, you should first check to see if planning permission has been granted.

It is also possible that since permission was granted an amendment application has been made to vary the plans and/or conditions.

You should search for the address/site and review the most recent applications including Non Material Amendment (NMA) applications to see if the issue you have identified has been approved. 

View planning applications online (opens new window)

This link will take you to a new page so that when you have found the relevant application you can easily return to this page.

Some development is allowed without the need for planning permission. This is known as permitted development.

​The Town and Country (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended) outlines the criteria for certain forms of development which are allowed and without the need for express planning permission to be granted from the Local Planning Authority.

Find out more about Permitted Development on the Planning Portal.  The interactive house on the Planning Portal is also a very helpful visual guide, which provides guidance on many common householder projects, including extensions, outbuildings, CCTV, solar panels, external lights etc.

Please note: We can only enforce against an activity that is a breach of the Town and Country Planning Act and activity allowed by the General Permitted Development Order is given deemed consent under the Act and therefore it is lawful in planning terms.

In instances where planning permission is not needed, we, as the Local Planning Authority are unable to control an activity that is allowed through this legislation. This is because it has been passed by Parliament and Central Government.

Report a planning breach online

If you have checked the criteria above and want to report a valid breach of planning control, please fill in the online form - link below.

Please include as much information as possible including the address or location of the property, full details of the alleged breach, with dates and times, if relevant. We also need to understand what the actual harm to the environment, amenity or public is.

Your confidentiality

Confidentiality is important to us. Your name and address will not be reported to the person or organisation involved in the alleged breach and we do not grant public access to our investigation files.

However, if formal action is taken (enforcement notices, subsequent appeals or court case), it may be necessary for the complainant to come forward to support the enforcement action at an appeal or prosecution.

We do not investigate anonymous complaints.

Report a breach in planning control

Report a breach - Dunsfold Park only