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Maintaining parks and grass verges

Grass cutting

We maintain over 2.4 million square metres of grass across:

  • parks
  • recreation grounds
  • open spaces
  • verges next to public roads (on behalf of Surrey County Council)

Weed spraying on roads and footpaths

We also spray weeds along roads and adopted footways on behalf of Surrey County Council throughout Waverley.

Other maintenance on council land

On council land, we also maintain:

  •     hedges, shrubs, scrub areas, annual flowers and trees
  •     playgrounds, skateparks, ball courts
  •     some sports pitches, changing rooms, recreation grounds and toilets
  •     paths, bins, benches, ditches and culverts in parks
  •     cemeteries, communal green spaces, countryside areas
  •     sheltered housing schemes and housing estates across the borough on Waverley Borough Council owned land.

Book a sports pitch

You can also hire a range of sports facilities in Waverley through Continental Landscapes Limited including football, rugby and cricket pitches through

More information

Continental Landscape Ltd manage our grounds maintenance and a sports pitch booking service on our behalf.

If you have an issue, complaint or would like to pass on a compliment , please contact the Parks & Countryside team at:


Tel: 01483 523394.