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Waverley is the most wooded area in the country, which can mean a lot of different issues with trees and hedges. Tree maintenance and care is carried out by lots of different people in Waverley, depending on where the tree is.

Report a tree issue online

Protected trees and trees on private land

See the Trees and high hedges section for more information about protected trees and trees on private land.

Ash dieback

Ash dieback (ADB) is a fungal disease spread by spores that causes dieback of the tree's crown.

This can eventually lead to the tree dying either due to the disease or a secondary influence, such as Honey Fungus, which can cause the tree to fail at the roots. It is estimated that up to 90% of all ash trees in the UK could die as a result of ash dieback (source: Forestry Commission).

How can I report a suspected sighting of ash dieback?

On Waverley-owned land:

Report a tree issue online

On non-Waverley land:

The Forestry Commission is the government agency responsible for ash dieback.

Contact the Forestry Commission about other tree pests and diseases.