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Maintaining parks and grass verges

Continental Landscapes Limited manage our grounds maintenance and sports pitch bookings on our behalf.

Surrey verges

  • Please note that from 1 April 2023 Surrey County Council is responsible for verge cutting, shrub bed maintenance and weed spraying across Waverley. Surrey County Council’s cutting season is April to September and there may well be less cuts than residents are used to in most areas. 
  • Waverley will continue to cut its own grass areas such as parks/amenity and housing from March 2023 onwards. In many places these areas will be adjacent to SCC (Surrey County Council) highway verges.  
  • If you have a complaint or concern about maintenance in your area, please do not contact Waverley Borough Council, you can email or phone Surrey County Council on 0300 200 1003
  • You can also report tree, hedge, grass or weed issues on Surrey County Council’s website

Grass cutting

We maintain over 2.4 million square metres of grass across:

  • parks
  • recreation grounds
  • open spaces
  • housing tenant communial gardens

Check the grass cutting schedule near you

The council's aim is to eventually stop using pesticides, by phasing out their use as quickly as is practical. Our Pesticides Policy and Action Plan identifies how we propose to do this. It is a working document that will be updated as progress is made. 

Supporting pollinators

During the last year, Waverley has increased the area of grass maintained as meadows and wildflower areas within its parks and open spaces to over 45 acres, equivalent to 24 football pitches. This has the potential to be home to millions of insects. 

Other maintenance on council land

On council land, we also maintain:

  •     hedges, shrubs, scrub areas, annual flowers and trees
  •     playgrounds, skateparks, ball courts
  •     some sports pitches, changing rooms, recreation grounds and toilets
  •     paths, bins, benches, ditches and culverts in parks
  •     cemeteries, communal green spaces, countryside areas
  •     sheltered housing schemes and housing estates across the borough on Waverley Borough Council-owned land.

More information

If you have an issue, complaint or would like to pass on a compliment, please contact the Parks & Countryside team at:


Tel: 01483 523394