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Green Flag Award Waverley Greenspaces

Waverley has 8 Green Flag Award Winning Greenspaces, as well as other award winning sites.

The Lammas Lands are a series of flood meadows alongside the River Wey between Godalming and Farncombe. The Lammas Lands flood regularly but the water level usually drops again fairly rapidly. The site is regularly use for grazing (including deer), please keep your dog under control. During the bird nesting season (from roughly mid-February through to the end of July), please keep your dog on a lead, as these meadows are very important breeding sites for ground nesting birds. The site has a management plan, if you would like a copy, please contact us on the details below. 

In addition to being a Green Flag Award winning site the site has the following designation:

  1. a Site of Nature Conservation Importance because of its high wildlife value, particularly birds and invertebrates;
  2. an Area of High Archaeological Potential;
  3. an Area of Strategic Visual Importance.

We own 2.5ha of the Summerlands Estate, including semi-ancient woodland, grassland and a pond.

The site is popular for informal recreation with local  people. The site also received a Surrey Wildlife Garden Award in 2019.

The site has a management plan, please contact us if you would like a copy.