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Senior Living

There are eight Senior Living schemes. All flats are self-contained with access to a shared garden, laundry, and lounge. The homes are ideal for anyone who wants to live independently with supportive neighbours.

The homes are for people:

  • 60 years or over (or 50 years and over with a recognised disability)
  • who can live independently.

The homes are also suitable for those who need care support to live independently. We do not provide this, but we can help you find the right service for you.

A snapshot of the schemes

To apply for a Senior Living home you will need to be on the housing register

Once you are on the register you can apply for Senior Living properties when they are available.

Before you agree to live in the scheme you can visit and talk to the Senior Living Officer to see if the home is right for you.

Join our housing register to apply

Each Senior Living flat is within a block of about 30 flats. Every flat has its own kitchen and bathroom facilities. Every flat has access to a 24/7 care alarm service.

Pets are permitted in some cases. This can be discussed when you visit a scheme before agreeing to move in.

We manage eight Senior Living schemes in Waverley:

  • Blunden Court, Bramley
  • Bowring House, Farncombe
  • Dower House, Milford
  • Falkner Court, Farnham
  • Moat Lodge, Cranleigh
  • Riverside Court, Farnham
  • Rolston House, Haslemere
  • Shepherds Court, Farnham.

As a council tenant at one of our Senior Living schemes, you will need to pay:

  • Weekly rent
  • Council Tax
  • Heating charge 
  • Service charge for maintenance of communal areas
  • Water charge
  • TV licence
  • 24/7 care alarm service charge.

The charges vary slightly between the different schemes. You will be able to find out the charges for a specific flat when you visit before agreeing to move in.

The support service offered within the Senior Living service aims to enable tenants to remain safe, confident and independent in their own home.

If you are on a low income you can claim housing and council tax benefit.

The support service includes:

  • Managing the gardening and building maintenance
  • Discussing your needs and helping you access other support services
  • Showing you how to use the 24/7 care alarm service and door-entry systems
  • Ensuring that information is kept up to date with the 24/7 care alarm service
  • Encouraging communal social activities.

Support we don't provide

The Senior Living team does not provide care such as washing and dressing, cleaning or nursing, meals etc. We can help you find this type of care.

Staff onsite

Staff at each Senior Living scheme help tenants to live independently. Staff often work remotely and can be contacted by telephone or email. Staff are not available during weekends, bank holidays, in the evenings or overnight.

When staff are on holiday or off sick, staff from other units will cover for them.

24/7 care alarm service

All communal areas and individual properties are connected to a 24/7 call centre.

When you trigger one of the alarms, an operator will talk to you through a speaker on the wall. They can contact your next of kin or the emergency services if necessary.

Staff responsibilities

The Senior Living team will:

  • Show you any vacant property you could move into and answer any questions
  • Explain your tenancy agreement and arrange for you to sign it
  • Manage the maintenance of the building and grounds
  • Ensure the call centre alarm, fire and other safety systems are working
  • Ensure that the cleaning and gardening of communal areas are completed
  • Ensure that repairs and maintenance within the building are completed
  • Support you to report and follow up repairs inside your home
  • Arrange guest accommodation for visitors within the scheme, if it is available
  • Help tenants organise social activities
  • Arrange regular meetings with all the tenants in the scheme.

We will consider applications for disabled clients aged 50 and over with a disability.

You will need to explain why you would like:

  • An alarm system so that family members or friends or the emergency services can be alerted
  • Support from Senior Living staff to live independently.