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Report a street cleaning issue

Our street cleaning service runs seven days a week and includes:

  • mechanical sweeping and litter picking
  • litter bin emptying
  • removal of dog fouling from streets and pavements
  • removing rubbish from grass verges and public open spaces.

How often are streets cleaned?

How often the streets are cleaned depends on the public use of an area and varies from twice daily in the high streets to every 13 weeks in rural areas.

If an area deteriorates badly between cleans, it will be inspected and where necessary attended by our contractors. Our responsibilities as a council are laid down in The Litter Code of Practice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Report a problem

If an area appears to be unacceptable, please let us know.

Report a street cleaning issue

Issues you can report via this form:

You can also:

  • Text us on 07786 202686. Make sure you include your surname, your property name or number, your postcode, as well as details of the problem, including its location.
  • Call us on 01483 523524