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Smells and odour

We investigate complaints about excessive smells from commercial businesses and can take action if it is considered to be a statutory nuisance.

Smells from Sewage Treatment Works

If you notice an odour/smell coming from a public Sewage Treatment Works, please contact The Environment Agency on 0800 807 060.

You can also phone Thames Water directly on 0800 316 9800 or email:

Complain about smells

You can submit a complaint about smells online. Our usual procedure is to send a letter to the address complained of, explaining the circumstances, what can be done and inviting them to discuss the matter.

Environmental Health complaints form

How to minimise smells from cooking

Smells from cooking may be due to poor design or maintenance of the filters in the kitchen extract system. The problem can normally be resolved by regular cleaning or replacing of the filters.

How to minimise smells from bins

Where bins are a problem, the answer normally lies in regular waste collection, good fitting bin lids and regular washing down of the bin storage area.