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Contaminated land services

Use of previously developed or "brownfield" land has increased in order to preserve the countryside and promote sustainable living.

Brownfield land can, in some cases, have had historical uses that may have caused pollutants to enter the surrounding soil or groundwater or have caused toxic or potentially explosive gases to be produced.

It is important that any pollutants present on brownfield land are identified and made safe prior to any new development.

It is equally important that development that may have already taken place on potentially contaminated brownfield sites is identified, assessed and if needed remediated or made safe.

Waverley is required to identify and inspect all potentially contaminated areas within the Borough. We have produced a strategy detailing our approach to this task. The contaminated land strategy also includes local contaminated land planning guidance. 

Any potential contaminated land issues may affect Waverley residents buying or selling a property and developers wishing to complete a new development in Waverley.

For more information:

  • DEFRA provide excellent technical details of the contaminated land legislation.
  • The Environment Agency contaminated land pages detail their role in enforcing the contaminated land legislation.

Environmental searches are an important part of the process of buying a property. Solicitors buy basic reports known as "screening reports" from search companies. 

These screening reports use historical map and pollution database information to provide an early warning of any potentially contaminative past or present activities that might affect a property.

Occasionally a property will "fail" one of these searches or be "referred". The wording depends on the company involved. The next step is for the potential buyer or seller to collate further information in order to gain a clearer picture of any potential issues surrounding a property.

It is important to note that a "failure" or "referral" does not mean that a property is definitely affected by contamination. It just means that the company needs more information before they give the site the all clear, usually described as a "certificate".

The companies usually suggest requesting further information from our Environmental Pollution Control Officer. 

Please e-mail

You should also make separate enquiries with:

The legislation that requires Waverley to identify and inspect potentially contaminated land sites is Part II A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (The Act).

The Act also requires Waverley to publish a contaminated land strategy and to keep a public register of contaminated land in Waverley that can be viewed free of charge at the main council office in Godalming.

Currently the register contains one entry relating to land at the Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works, Cranleigh.

If you would like a copy of the register please contact the Environmental Pollution Control Officer. Email

Weydon Lane Landfill

Farnham Gasworks