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The Mayor of Waverley

The Mayor is the civic head of the council, whose role is non-political. The Mayor is elected by Full Council at the Annual Council Meeting. The Mayor carries out ceremonial duties and chairs meetings, but is not able to make decisions about council business. 

Within the borough the Mayor is second in precedence only to royalty and the Queen's representative, the Lord Lieutenant. 

Current Mayor

The Mayor of Waverley for 2023/24 is Councillor Penny Rivers.

Follow the Mayor

Keep up to date with this year's Mayor by following them on Twitter.

Mayor's chosen charities

Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor of Waverley for 2023/24 is Cllr John Ward

How to address the Mayor

The correct form of address is:

  • 'The Worshipful the Mayor of Waverley, Cllr ...'
  • Salutation: "Dear Mr Mayor" or "Dear Madam Mayor"

Please note that "The Mayoress" is the title give to a male Mayor's escort/consort and is not necessarily the Mayor's wife. 

How to contact the Mayor

Please send correspondence to:

Mayor's Secretary, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming GU7 1HR


How do I invite the Mayor to my virtual event?

If you would like to invite the Mayor to your event, please contact the Mayor's Secretary to check the Mayor's availability. 

Call: 01483 523368


Once a visit is agreed, we will ask you to complete an online form to confirm full details.