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Standards and conduct arrangements for councillors

Councillors are required to promote and maintain high standards of conduct. Waverley has adopted the LGA Model Code of Conduct 2020 and all councillors and co-opted members must comply with this code.

Town and parish councils adopt their own Code of Conduct. Contact the town or parish council directly to find out the code they have adopted. 

Making a complaint

If you believe that a Waverley Borough, Parish or Town Councillor has breached their code of conduct, it is recommended that you complete the Councillor Conduct Complaint form or contact the Monitoring Officer using the details below to discuss your concerns. 

If you make a complaint it must be about why you think a councillor has not followed the relevant code of conduct.

If you wish to make a complaint about something else not related to councillor conduct, please see the our complaints page.

What happens next?

The council has agreed arrangements for dealing with allegations of misconduct by councillors and co-opted members of Waverley Borough Council and of the 20 parish councils within the borough. 

Arrangements for dealing with Member Complaints

If you would like to discuss any concerns, or for advice, please contact the Monitoring Officer.

Monitoring Officer

Tel: 01483 444022