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Recycling sites

If you live in Waverley, you can put cardboard, paper, glass and other recyclables in your blue bin at home. 

Recycling centres

The main community recycling centres (tips or dumps) in Waverley are managed by Surrey County Council. Find out more at:

Where to recycle shoes, textiles and small electricals

You can recycle shoes, textiles and small electricals at some of our car parks:


Stocklund Square car park, GU6 8RG

Village Way car park, GU6 8AF


Upper Hart car park, The Hart, GU9 7HA

Waggon Yard car park, Downing Street, GU9 7RD


Crown Court car park, The Burys, GU7 1HR


Weyhill car park, GU27 1DG

Some supermarkets also have recycling banks in their car parks.

Not sure where you can recycle something?

Use our recycling search tool and find out which bin it goes in.