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Careline personal alarms

Careline base unitThe Careline alarm can help people live independently, knowing that help is at hand at the touch of a button.

We provide a local personal service to people in and around Waverley, Surrey.

How does Careline work?

Once you apply for a Careline personal alarm, one of our friendly team will come to your home, explain how the equipment works and set it up for you.

Careline alarm worn on the wristThe Careline service includes:

  • an alarm base unit, which plugs into the telephone line (or a SMART Hub if you don’t have a phone line)
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • a comfortable pendant which goes around the wrist or neck.

If you press the red button, friendly staff in our monitoring centre will speak to you via the base unit. They will ask how they can help and will contact your chosen contacts or the emergency services, so you can get help quickly.

See how the Careline personal alarms work

The video below explains how Careline personal alarms work and help older or vulnerable people live independently in their own home.

Who is Careline for?Careline alarm pendant work around the neck

The Careline pendant alarm is for anyone who may live alone, feel vulnerable or frail or have a disability or severe medical condition.

It can help anyone especially older people, as well as those with learning difficulties, mental health issues or victims of crime.

How much is it?

Prices start from just £19.70 per month.

This includes:

  • cost to rent the base unit and red button
  • installation
  • maintenance
  • 24hr monitoring
  • A key safe fitted to the outside of your property to allow access for the emergency services

How to apply

You can apply online:

Apply for a Careline personal alarm

You can also:

Contact Careline team

We offer other services to help you stay safe in your home.

Reassurance calls

  • Would you like a weekly reassurance call?
  • Do you need help remembering when your medication is due to be taken?
  • Would you like a friendly call when your family are away on holiday?

Our friendly operators are waiting to help you whatever your requirements may be. We can tailor our service at Waverley Careline to suit your needs. You can sign up for a daily, weekly or a monthly reassurance call for as little as £1 per call.

Medical and medication helplines

Our contractor provides medical helplines that help put your minds at rest whenever you have a concern about your health or wellbeing.

Perhaps you’ve just left hospital or been diagnosed with a new illness. You’ll want to find out how to manage your condition and how it might affect you in the future

You can receive direct access to one of our qualified nurses or pharmacists for £2 per month

Medical helpline

Qualified nurses are available 24/7 about any concern, big or small. Our nurses  specialise in conditions such as:

  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • heart disease.

They can deal with queries relating to minor injuries, pain management, and general health concerns.

Calls to this medical support helpline are not triaged – so the first contact is with a clinician, not a call agent.

Medication helpline

Qualified pharmacists are on hand to answer questions about medication and prescriptions. They can respond quickly to queries including side effects, drug interactions and dosage information. They can also provide guidance on treating common ailments and managing pain with over-the-counter remedies.

This service is available on:

  • weekdays 8am-8pm
  • Saturdays and bank holidays 8am-4pm
  • Sundays 8am-12 noon

Contact Careline team

Below are examples of some of our popular telecare products. We can advise you on other telecare options available to help keep you safe in your home.

Fall detector like a watchFall detector linked to Careline 

The fall detector will automatically activate the Careline alarm if someone falls heavily.  It’s worn on the wrist like a watch.

These are ideal for those who have:

  • dementia
  • confusion
  • medical conditions that cause them to black out.

See an overview of the fall detector on YouTube

smoke alarmAlarms linked to Careline

You can also get smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and heat sensors linked to trigger the Careline alarm. The response team will speak through your careline and if there is now answer, they will call the emergency services and contact your family.

Motion sensorMovement sensors

For carers or family members who live in the same home with you, sensors are programmed to detect movement in rooms, beds and chairs which will send a message to a pager to alert family members of movement so they can come and help you.

Please contact us to discuss the best options for you.

Contact Careline team

The technology that we currently use to make landline phone calls is due to be upgraded by your telephone provider over the next few years. They will switch your existing analogue phone line to a new digital phone line.

If you are a Careline customer, you will need to reconnect your Careline alarm base unit to your home broadband router instead of your phone line. If you need assistance to do this, please contact our careline team who will make an appointment to visit you.

In some cases, your home router may not be compatible with the new digital lines.  Your phone provider should send you an upgraded router in the post with instructions.

Visit the Ofcom website to find out more about Upgrading landlines to digital technology