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Submit a planning application

If you require assistance compiling your application a list of local Qualified Planning Professionals can be found here.

Before submitting your planning application, you should ensure you carry out a final check and have everything you require.

Submit and pay on the Planning Portal

If you do not wish to submit your application electronically you can download and print hard copy forms via the Planning Portal. You can then fill them in and post them along with other required documents to Planning Service, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming GU7 1HR

Please note : If you are a Waverley Leaseholder or own an ex Waverley property additional consent may be required from our Housing Service.

What happens next

Your application will be assessed as soon as possible for validity against the local and national requirements upon receipt.

If application does not meet validation requirements

If an application is made that fails to meet our validation requirements, it will be made invalid. We will write to advise you of the information that is required in order to make the application valid.

If all of the information required to make the application valid is not received within 28 days of a written request we will then dispose of your application.

Once validated

You will receive an acknowledgement letter via your preferred method when your application has been validated.