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Residents' Parking Scheme in Farnham

Christmas Closure

Please note, our offices will be closed for any parking queries from 5pm on Friday 23 December 2022 until 8am on Tuesday 3 January 2023. Please ensure you have contacted us regarding any parking permit queries or visitor permit purchases before the deadline on Friday 23 December 2022, otherwise these will not be dealt with until Tuesday 3 January 2023.  

Farnham Resident On-Street Parking Permits

Surrey County Council, the Highway Authority provides a restricted number of permit parking spaces in Farnham for use by residents .

There are two parking zones known as 'A' and 'B'. The Zone A is around the town centre and the Zone B is in the vicinity of the Railway Station.

The scheme enables eligible residents to park in the 2 hour waiting restricted areas. Signs in the streets where this system is in operation will state these times, which are known as 'controlled hours'. 

Who can apply for a residents' parking permit?

Households with no off-street parking facilities who live on one of the roads listed on the application form, can apply for a maximum of two residents' permits. Households that have one off street parking space can apply for a maximum of one parking permit. Households with two or more off street parking spaces cannot obtain a permit.

How much does a residents' parking permit cost?

The fee for an annual residents' permit is £80 for the first permit and £100 for the second.

How do I apply for a residents' parking permit?

Please complete the relevant application form:

Zone A Application Form

Zone B Application Form

A list of road names can be found on the application forms.

We will also need the following in order to complete your application:

  • Proof of residency - showing your name and Waverley address (for example, a current utility bill, bank statement, tenancy agreement, council tax or mortgage statement).
  • Your vehicle registration document (V5C) stating the name and address matching the application form. If the V5C will need to be sent off for an address change please let us know and we can issue you a permit. The full permit will not be available until the correct V5C document has been seen. 

Then email the documents to

Once we have received your documents and set you up on our system you will receive an email regarding payment. 

If you have any issues please email or call the Farnham Memorial Hall on 01252 716438.

Please allow 72 hours to process permit requests.

Change of details of a current resident parking permit

Email or call the Farnham Memorial Hall on 01252 716438.

What if I change my car/registration?

Please download and fill in the replacement permit form.

Email or return the form to Farnham Memorial Hall with your current permit, together with the new vehicle registration document (V5C) stating your name and address.

Email or call the Farnham Memorial Hall on 01252 716438

Please allow 72 hours to process permit requests.

What if I change my address?

Please complete a new application form for your zone and provide an updated proof of address and V5C.

What if I change my contact details?

Email or call the Farnham Memorial Hall on 01252 716438

Visitor Permits

Residents in Zone A and B may purchase one-day visitor permits at a cost of £2 each. A maximum of 150 permits per year per household may be purchased. The visitor permit is a form of scratch card, which must be displayed in the visitor's vehicle on arrival at the parking space. You will need to prove your address.

Refunds or exchanges cannot be given for these permits.

Please call the Farnham Memorial Hall on 01252 716438 to arrange payment.

You will need to collect the permits at a designated time from the Farnham Memorial Hall:

Address for Farnham Memorial Hall

Farnham Memorial Hall, Babbs Mead, West Street, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7EE

Please allow 72 hours to process permit requests.