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Postal vote opening

Postal vote opening assistants are responsible for the opening and handling of postal ballot papers received prior to polling day. Postal vote opening assistants are employed on an hourly basis in the days leading up to polling day. Returned postal votes are opened, checked and tallied in a secure manner.

Available role:


  • Read and understand the statement of secrecy (provided to you upon appointment)
  • Refrain from engaging in conversation with candidates and agents
  • Act impartially at all times
  • Work under the direction of the Postal Vote Supervisor to count envelopes received, open and check the contents of the envelopes, and tally the number of ballot papers (more detailed instructions will be provided)
  • Perform any additional duties appropriate to the role.

Skills, knowledge and experience

  • Numeracy skills and attention to detail
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Ability to work under pressure.