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BT Payphone Removal Consultation

BT have opened a new consultation regarding the proposed removal of six payphones in the borough. They would like to remove the payphones on the grounds that they are used infrequently and are expensive to maintain. A table of the affected payphones, including postcode and number of calls received in the last year, can be found at the bottom of this page. BT have placed notices in these payphones.

BT are not proposing to remove any payphones where they have identified a social need for retention such as accident blackspots, suicide hotspots or areas without mobile phone coverage. 

Additionally, BT will not remove payphones where there’s a reasonable need, using the following criteria to retain payphones for which all three apply:

  1. It is the only payphone within 800 metres
  2. It had at least 120 calls of any type within a 12-month period
  3. The local population is not fewer than 500 households within one kilometre of the payphone

Finally, BT are aware that many people find the red phone boxes an important part of the local street scene. This consultation does not affect the 10 listed red payphones in Waverley but if there are concerns about removal of other red payphones from villages, BT have an ‘adopt a kiosk’ offer for local communities which it is worth considering. However, adoption would involve removing the phone apparatus.

First Draft Response

Read the first draft response

Waverley Borough Council has produced its first draft response to the payphone removal consultation 2021 that ran from 30th April to 14th May. This has been issued to the Secretary of State. The draft decision for each payphone has been reached by factoring in the views of ward members, Town and Parish Councils, and members of the public that responded to the first round of consultation.

A second round of consultation has now begun and will run until 12:00pm on the 14th of July 2021. Waverley Borough Council will use the results of this second round of consultation to produce its final notification. To get involved in this round of consultation please see the actions listed below


  • Please read the first draft response 
  • Please check the list and see if there are any payphones in your ward (or others you are interested in)
  • Please respond to the questionnaire at the link below to tell us whether you agree or object to our initial draft decision
  • The second round of consultation will run until 12:00 on 14 July 2021.

BT Payphone Removal Questionnaire

We have also written to all ward members as well as town and parish councils asking for their views.  

Proposed Payphones to be Removed

Payphone No. Telephone Number Address Postcode Average Calls per Month
1 01252792999 JNC Gardeners Hill Road & PCO1, Applelands Close, Wrecclesham GU10 4TL 29
2 01428604244 JNC Beacon Hill Road, PCO1, Churt Road, Hindhead GU26 6NL 0
3 01428604150 6D Cash PCO1, Eight Acres, Hindhead GU26 6RZ 0
4 01483892558 NR Bus Stop PCO1, Blackheath Lane, Wonersh, Guildford GU5 0PN 15
5 01483892120 O/S St Martins Church, PCO1, Blackheath Lane, Blackheath, Guildford GU4 8QT 0
6 01483272159 PCO PCO1, High Street, Cranleigh GU6 8AB 4