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Pavement licence - guidance


Businesses selling food or drink need permission to put furniture (including tables and chairs) on the pavement for your customers where it is part of the public highway.

Until September 2024 you can apply to us for a licence.

Previously, Surrey County Council dealt with pavement licensing, but this formal process was suspended to help support businesses. The arrangement was due to end on 30 September 2023, but the Goverment has extended it to end on 30 September 2024.

Any business wishing to apply for a new pavement licence, or to extend their pavement licence for a further year, will need to make a new application prior to the expiry of their current licence.  

The minimum length of your licence will be three months. 

You will need to supply a number of supporting documents and provide a copy of a current certificate of insurance that covers third party and public liability risks, to a minimum of £10 million.

We publish pavement licence applications so that people can comment or object to your application. They have 5 working days to comment beginning the day after we receive the application electronically.

All licences, including granted licences, are shown on the Public register

Please read the Government’s guidance on Pavement Licences

Apply online using the link below.  Please have these documents ready to submit with your application online:

  • a site plan showing the location of the premises shown by a red line
  • a detailed plan clearly showing:
    • the proposed area covered by the licence in relation to the highway, with measurements
    • the positions and number of tables, chairs any other items to be placed on the highway
    • measurements of pathway width/length, building width and any other fixed items
  • a risk assessment showing how you will manage: social distancing and the conflict between pedestrians, those using the tables, and those queuing to access the premises
  • evidence of the right to occupy the premises (eg the lease)
  • photos/brochures showing the type of furniture and information showing the siting of it
  • information about any existing pavement licence under consideration by us
  • evidence that you have given notice of the application (e.g photographs of the notice outside the premises and of the notice itself)
  • a copy of a current certificate of insurance that covers the activity for third party and public liability risks, to a minimum value of £10 million, and
  • any other evidence needed to demonstrate how our local conditions, and any national conditions will be satisfied. 

Apply for a pavement licence for your pub, café or restaurant

The fee is £100.

Please read our Pavement Licensing Policy 

The full details of regulations: Business and Planning Act - UK legislation website

You can also email