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Apply for a gambling and betting licence

Temporary Use Notice

A Temporary Use Notice allows a gambling operator (casino, bingo or gaming machine company) to temporarily use a premises which has no gambling premises licence to provide facilities for gaming. For example, hotels, conference centres and sporting venues might be suitable for temporary use notices.

Apply for a Temporary Use Notice (PDF)

Occasional Use Notice for race tracks

Occasional use notices permit a track to be used for the purpose of betting without a premises licence providing it is used for betting on no more than eight days in a calendar year.

The meaning of 'track' in the Gambling Act 2005 is not just limited to racecourses or greyhound tracks. This also comprises any other premises in which a race or sporting event takes place.

Apply for an Occasional Use Notice (PDF) 

Other gambling licences

Please contact the Gambling Commission to apply for other gambling licences. For example , a personal gambling licence or a gambling operating licence if you run or manage a gambling business (run arcades, gaming machines, betting , lotteries, bingo, remote gambling – online / telephone, casinos and gambling software).