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Register a food business

By law you must register your food business at least 28 days before you start operating, or less than 28 days after you make a significant change. If a new company starts operating at an existing food premises in our area it must also register.

The law defines a food business as:

  • one that carries out any of the activities related to any stage of production, processing and distribution of food
  • whether for profit or not, and
  • whether public or private.

Food business operator means the natural or legal persons responsible for ensuring that the requirements of food law are met within the food business under their control.

Register your food business online

If you have issues in completing the online registration form, please call 01483 523393 or email

What happens once I register?

Your business will be included on our register of food businesses and you will receive an unannounced inspection after your stated opening date.

Your business and premises will be inspected to check compliance with food safety regulations.

You are expected to adhere to regulations, including having a documented food-safety-management system in place. There is more information on what to expect on your first inspection below.

If we are unable to access your business after repeated attempts, your business will be removed from the register.

Starting a new food business

There is more useful information on starting a new food business.

We will be polite and courteous and show identification. We are there to help you and to ensure that the food produced on your premises is safe to eat. 

We will be looking at the following: 

  • Your premises. Are they clean, in a good state of repair and is the layout suitable to allow for safe handling and preparation of food? 
  • Your chosen Food Safety Management System. Do you have a suitable food safety management system based on the HACCP principles in place?  You can use your own in-house system or you may wish to consider use of Safer Food Better Business from the Food Standards Authority. 
  • Food Safety Practices and Procedures. Are the procedures in your food safety management system being followed and do they allow for the safe handling and preparation of food? 
  • Staff Training. Do staff have appropriate training to ensure that the food produced or handled is safe to eat? 

Most registered food businesses are included in this scheme.  As a new business, you will not receive a rating until you have had your first inspection.  However, as you will not receive an inspection immediately you can request an 'Awaiting Inspection' sticker and certificate to display in your premises.  

Following each inspection, food premises are rated on a scale of 0 to 5 and are provided with a sticker that may be displayed on the premises. All ratings are published on the Food Standards Agency website at 

You must notify us of any changes that take place such as a change of ownership, change of the address at which moveable premises are kept, significant changes in activities carried out, or closure of an establishment.

Please email to tell us.

Food businesses in Waverley may require a health certificate where they export food from Waverley to a non-EU country. This is a chargeable service.

Please contact us for more information.