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Providing your services to the council

Current tenders and contracts opportunities

You can find information on current tenders and contract opportunities at Waverley on the South East Shared Services e-Sourcing portal.

Contracts Register

You can see all our current contracts in our Contracts Register.

Value for money - looking after public money

To ensure we are letting contracts on a fair and objective basis, we follow a set of Contract Procurement Rules.

How do we put together tender lists?

We compile tender lists for individual contracts, either through lists supplied by third parties (eg Constructionline) or by assessing organisations that have expressed an interest in response to an advertisement.

Number of tenders/quotations for work

At present our rules require:

Financial threshold (UK Pounds) and number of quotations/tenders required.

  • £0 - £4,999 - Minimum of one quote

  • £5,000 - £24,999 - Minimum of three quotes

  • £25,000 - £99,999 - Minimum of three quotes

  • Over £100,000 - Minimum of four tenders sought

As of 1 January 2020 the European Union thresholds are £4,733,252 for works and £189,330 for supplies or services.  The value is assessed over the whole life of the contract.

Quotations are deemed to be required when supply is on the supplier's terms and conditions, tenders when Waverley will be determining the terms and conditions. The requirement for a tender or quotation may be varied according to the nature and/or value of the contract.

Suppliers need to demonstrate that their products meet Waverley's minimum specification requirements.

Issues or concerns

If you have any serious concerns or issues about our:

We procure goods and services in accordance with our Scheme of delegation and our Contract Procedure Rules.

How to become a council supplier

Contracts over £5,000

Register on the SE Shared Services e-sourcing portal to see requests for quotes and tenders over £5,000. If you want to tender for a piece of work, you can express an interest and submit your bid online.

e-sourcing portal

Contracts under £5,000

We request quotes from suppliers directly. 

Please email if you want to be considered as a supplier for work under £5,000. We will pass your email to the relevant team.

Types of work we tender for

The Contracts Register is an online searchable list of Waverley's current contracts valued over £5,000 and shows details such as start and end dates, contract values, and a description of what is being supplied.

Know what to expect when bidding for work with the council

If you have never taken part in a tender before, Waverley have a set of rules, called the Contract Procedure Rules which must be followed when procuring on behalf of Waverley Borough Council.  

Suppliers delivering goods, services or works for Waverley Borough Council will be expected to do so in accordance with our council policies. These policies should be read in conjunction with all other documents issued as part of a tender. Suppliers working with the council will need to agree to the councils Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

Purchase Orders (POs) needed before sending an invoice

We operate a No PO, No Pay policy. This means that the processing and payment of invoices will be delayed without an official Purchase Order.

Other helpful information

Assessment of expressions of interest

Any organisation that responds to an advertisement with an expression of interest must be prepared to enter into an assessment process.

We need to select our suppliers carefully to ensure they have the capacity and commitment to fulfil the contract and offer value for money.

Organisations will be assessed as a minimum on:

  • Financial stability and resources
  • Technical and other relevant references
  • Adequacy of insurances
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Environmental, ethical and employment policies.

If we have selected firms that have been assessed by a recognised organisation or as part of an appropriate framework agreement such as Constructionline, we will not seek to repeat the assessment already undertaken but may supplement it with any additional considerations.

Assessment of tenders/quotations

We will consider all tenders/quotations for contracts which have been received by the deadline and in accordance with all delivery instructions.  They will all be opened at the same time and a record kept.

They will then be assessed according to the process laid down in our Contract Procedure Rules or the European Union Regulations as appropriate. Normally we will accept the offer from the contractor who has been able to satisfy our minimum requirements and has offered the lowest price. However, in many cases other issues will also be considered but these will have been formally agreed in advance and will be set out in the tender documentation. 

We follow our Contract Procurement Rules when procuring services for Waverley.

Our suppliers and potential suppliers need to understanding the rules we need to follow.

What are Contract Procurement Rules?

Contract Procurement Rules outline the rules and requirements for advertising, tendering, awarding and extending contracts at Waverley. 

Contract Procurement Rules (issued in accordance with section 135 of the 1972 Local Government Act) are intended to promote good purchasing practice and public accountability and deter corruption.