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Date posted: 17 May 2022

National Hoarding Awareness Week

We are supporting National Hoarding Awareness Week (16-20 May), which raises awareness around hoarding and encourages those who may be affected to get support.

Often caused by untreated anxiety or depression, hoarding is an often misunderstood, medical condition that affects around 1.2 million people across the UK.

Some common signs of hoarding include:

  • keeping or collecting items that may have little or no monetary value, such as junk mail and carrier bags, or items they intend to reuse or repair
  • struggling to manage everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and paying bills
  • having poor relationships with family or friends
  • a lack of personal or professional visitors to the home
  • window blinds or curtains continually drawn
  • very regular deliveries to the home

If you are concerned about someone who is showing increased anxiety about letting go of their belongings, regardless of their value, or are unable to use parts of their home because they are very cluttered, there is support available, from Waverley Borough Council, our partners and via national organisations.

If you are affected or you are concerned about someone else, you can access support and advice via the Adult Social Care Team.

The Guildford and Waverley Care and Repair team can help you access available grants and identify how to keep your home safe and warm.

You may be eligible for financial support to help with house clearance when you are ready to take the next step through the Safe and Warm Grant.

Or you can contact one of the organisations below for further advice and support.

National Hoarding Awareness Week are also running Webinars every day this week, which people can attend for free if you'd like to learn more about this issue.

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