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Leader of Waverley Borough Council announces changes to Executive

Published Tuesday, 3 March 2020

The Leader of Waverley Borough Council has announced changes to the Executive Committee.

Leader of the council, Councillor John Ward said:

“In May last year when we first formed the joint Administration, the Executive portfolios were allocated according to individual skill sets and availability, with a clear proviso that after a reasonable period, the various areas of responsibility would be reassessed.

That point has now been reached and, with the experience of time, some adjustments are needed as it is clear that some of the members of the Executive have been overburdened. I am now re-balancing this by reducing the workload of some members and also taking the opportunity to refresh the Executive by bringing in new talent.

Councillors David Beaman, Mark Merryweather, Andy Macleod and Nick Palmer are all relinquishing some of their responsibilities and Councillor John Neale is stepping down from the Executive to concentrate on leading Farnham Town Council and also representing the Town on the new Farnham Project Board.

I have appointed Councillors Peter Clark and Liz Townsend to the Executive not only to pick up these relinquished responsibilities but also other areas of importance. Their definitive Portfolios are still the subject of discussion and will be released shortly but they bring a depth of experience together with an increased geographic spread to the Executive, as well as recognition that the group of Independent Councillors are now a valued part of the Administration.

I would like to thank all the Executive Members for their hard work during this first year of the new Administration. I am very proud to lead this multi-Party Group that has achieved so much during this time. For instance we have set a new strategic direction for the Council, declared a Climate Emergency and, in a new spirit of openness and cooperation, increased the Council’s direct engagement with its residents and also with our Town and Parish Councils. We have presented a balanced Budget with one of the lowest Council Tax rises in Surrey.

Also as promised, transparency and accountability have been improved by making Councillors more answerable to their electorate with the introduction of recorded electronic voting. I am sure the new members of the Executive will continue to espouse these principles.”

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